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About 304

Host your event and make memories at one of the newest and most exciting event venues in Leavenworth County, the 304 Venue. 304 is an exquisite, intimate space perfect with a unique blend of modern and rustic. As a regal historic church building in Tonganoixe, KS it has been resurrected through impeccable renovations to become a desireable destination for any kind of event. It is easily one of the most beautiful and affordable places to rent west of Kansas City. 

Owned by Tonganoxie United Methodist Church for community projects, nonprofit work, and formal events, the price can't be beat. The facility is perfect for a vintage, minimalist, or country chic inspired celebration. When you reserve 304 for your special day or event you will have private use of the entire facility, which includes the main hall called "Grace Hall,” private dressing rooms, an outdoor patio, and plenty of seating.

Newly Weds

Community Partnerships

304 Venue was opened with the main vision to serve the community of Tonganoxie; to provide a location to host meetings, events, fundraisers, galas, etc... If you are a non-profit, volunteer, or other  community-focused organization in need of a space to host your next event, contact the 304 Venue to learn about hosting an event for free or for a suggested donation.

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